Assistance and support for bochurim.
With love and devotion we will manage to save them.
Every young man is a Yiddishe Neshama, a truly precious diamond. Unfortunately there are times when that sparkle is hidden due to various external factors and difficulties. They need someone who believes in the diamond’s ability to sparkle – who will be able to reveal the smile of a happy young man.
Betzavta does e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for these young men who were written off as failures due to insurmountable obstacles, the most common of them being learning disabilities.
Often Betzavta reaches them when they are on the very brink. Just moments before they find themselves on the streets with its lurking dangers, just moments before parents throw up their hands in total despair, the moment before they are expelled from their educational framework – yes at the very last moment!



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About the activities of "Batsavta"

Along comes Betzavta and assigns them their own professionally-trained tutor – a fatherly figure dedicated to helping such bochurim. They begin their relationship by getting to know each other. The tutor lends a listening ear to help unburden a heavy heart. Then slowly, slowly, with the aid of an individually-designed program catered to this youngster’s specific needs, the tutor begins learning with him on a regular basis until he is finally to join his friends in the classroom.
These meetings can determine his fate – for life. Will his life be tranquil and happy, or will he, G-d forbid, be destined to a life of …
Betzavta invests in professional tutors who will help determine the material required as well as the pace of learning needed. Every detail is worked out, with an emphasis on allowing him to first experience success with easier material and then gradually to mainstream him to the level of his class, to help him feel part of society, and to provide a learning atmosphere such that he will not, G-d forbid need to look outside the walls of the school for satisfaction. Looking out into the negative influences of the street may mean the end of any chance for eternal life.
Let us make it clear – the work is exhausting. Superhuman efforts are required on the part of these professional tutors. There are so many obstacles from the boys’ tempestuous lives to overcome, so many setbacks on the path to success.

סיפורי הצלחה

But it is all worth it.

We are encouraged by the enormity of our success – we are greatly encouraged by the warm and grateful reactions of parents and teachers regarding these young men who have been literally granted a new lease on life. These are young men who had no one who believed in them, about whom everyone shook their heads believing: “this one will not succeed.”  They have developed into fine upstanding members of Klal Yisrael.   Thanks to Betzavta they are able to create warm, loving, responsible, and devoted families.

A menahel of a leading school in the center of the country after having completed a tour of the Betzavta offices, smiled saying: “you should hang up a sign saying: ‘Danger, Construction Site.”  It is here where worlds are created, generations of young men and their offspring are given life – rather than falling into the abyss they are growing into dignified young men.

Betzavta picks up those fruits that have fallen from the tree and we carry it in our arms.  But not alone … together with you our dear friends, supporters, and partners – what is ours is yours.

Any merit from their success goes to you.

Rescuing at-risk youth.

No one has any guarantees…

“Our child is going through a difficult period”, the parents whisper to each other.  The mother is already seeing a scary scenario unfolding – she has seen this before in her neighbor’s house and in that of her colleague.

The father does not respond, but he sees the picture himself …

 In the meantime Rafi is still learning, he is not on the streets, not hanging out, thank G-d.   His parents, however, understand that unless an immediate solution is found, the day will come when her precious Rafi will be “one of those”.

Rafi’s mother is frantic – every ounce of her strength is channeled towards finding a solution, soon, before it is too late.  Who can help her Rafi?  Who would know what to do with a good, quality, positive, boy who is displaying clear signs of regression?  Finally the day comes when she finds a solution.


Betzavta does not allow young men to fall … Betzavta has always known that if the young man had someone … even one person who could relate to him, who could develop a connection, who could lend a listening ear and a warm heart, someone in whom he could confide without fear – he would have a strong anchor and the chance of dropping out will have dropped drastically.

שותפים לבצוותא

מרן שר התורה רבי חיים קניבסקי שליט"א

שותף ל"בצוותא"

מרן הראשון לציון רבי שלמה עמאר שליט"א

תורם לארגון

רבי משה צדקה ראש ישיבת פורת יוסף

תורם לבצוותא

רבי ראובן אלבז שליט"א

תורם ומתפלל על התורמים

מרן רבי שמעון בעדני שליט"א

תורם ומתפלל על התורמים

מרן שר התורה הרב קנייבסקי שליט"א

קורא בעיון טרם חתימתו ומתפלל עלהתורמים

סייעו בהצלת נוער נושר

לתרומות חייגו כבר עכשיו:


תרומתך מוכרת כהוצאה לפי סעיף 46 לפקודת מס הכנסה


העברה בנקאית

בנק הדואר (09) מס’ חשבון  8222892 
בנק פאג”י (52)  סניף 188   מס’ חשבון 409-488224


צ'ק בדואר

ניתן גם לשלוח צי’ק בדואר לת.ד. 5447 ירושלים 91053

עכשיו הוא עוד קרוב

במקום לחכות שהוא יתרחק, תקרבו אותו כשהוא עדיין קרוב

המלצות רבנים

שותפים לבצוותא

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סייעו בהצלת נוער נושר



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